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Welcome to our site and thank you for your interest.  We are a facility located in Stockton, Ca., offering training, lessons, sales, consignments, and consulting.  In our sale barn, we strive to match horses with humans.  We have a variety of all-around horses for sale including ranch, trail, barrel racing, team roping, and prospects.  We also offer a superior training program, with our main emphasis on tune-ups, colt starting, barrel racing, team roping, High School & Jr. Rodeo events, problem solving, and trail/ranch work.  Our lesson program is based on safe fundamentals and building a confident bond with your horse from the ground up.  We are a family environment and provide a safe & fun facility to spend time with your equine and get away from the hustle and bustle of life.  We would love to talk with you about what you are looking for in a new horse or with the one you own.  Please don't hesitate in contacting us!!


Welcome to our site and thank you for your interest in our services and/or horses for sale.  We are excited to offer a full service training, lesson, and sales facility that is revolved around you and your horse.  If you are a buyer, make sure to read the description of the horse on the website, watch the video's, and talk with us to make sure the horse would be a suitable option for your level & needs before making an appointment.   In our sale barn, we offer a wide range of sale horses with different levels, experiences, and abilities.   All horses are honestly represented. Every horse will have been through a pre-sale evaluation for at least 30 days. During this time, we do numerous tests and trials in the arena and out on trail/ranch to make sure every horse is safe, has no bad habits, are sound, and healthy.  We will never try to sell someone a horse that is lame, or knowingly has dangerous habits such as bucking, rearing, kicking, etc. We do not want ANYONE getting hurt.
As a buyer, please be honest and up-front about your riding ability and skill level with and around horses.  This way, we will be able to match you with the right horses(s) suitable for you.  The horse will not have been worked or ridden before your appointment to meet him.  We ride the horses first so you can watch everything before making the decision to try him yourself.  We have a large arena, round pen, many acres to ride out, cattle, a Heel-O-Matic, barrels, gymkhana props, a trail trial course, jumps, and the possibility to ride the horse off the property if we make arrangements.  

Safety is important to us.  Please remember there are risks associated with riding and being around horses.  You are at your own risk.  Parents, it is your responsibility to watch your children around the horses. We always do our best in making sure everyone is safe, including:

1)  Requiring everyone to wear proper clothing & boots when riding and/or around the horses. 

2)  Helmets are suggested for adults, but are required for children 18 and under.  We have helmets available.

3) We ride/work the horses first before you ride.

4) Always have someone with you while trying the horse if you are inexperienced, ie. friend or trainer.  

If you are interested in a horse, you can come and ride/try and spend time with him as many times as you would like.  We do not do trials.  There is too much risk that the horse can get hurt.  We do not hold horses for any reason other than a vet check.  We hold horses for a vet check with a 20% of the purchase price deposit, which is refunded if the horse does not “pass” the pre-purchase soundness exam.  If for any other reason you decide to not buy the horse after he “passed” the soundness vet check, your deposit will not be refunded.  We recommend pre-purchase vet checks.  If you need, we will help to assist you in the process, ie. Transportation, providing a list of local vets, taking the horse to get a Coggins, etc.  We use 2 trusted shippers that go across the country on a regular basis and can get a quote.   

If you want to consign a horse with us, please contact us for pricing, availability, and to discuss the horse before bringing him out.  We have a 30 day trial period BEFORE putting a consignment horse up for sale.  During that time, your horse will be cared for, stalled, fed, groomed, ridden, worked, and treated like one of our horses. Please know I do not accept every horse for my consignment program.  The horse MUST be sound, not dangerous, and broke to ride.  For rates, contact us via the CONTACT US page.  

Everyone, please remember that horses are animals and their behavior can not be guaranteed. Any animal can be unpredictable and can change their behavior if not properly cared for, fed, exercised, or trained. It is your responsibility to make sure your horse is getting the care, exercise and training that he needs after leaving our ranch.  

Owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibility. It is our obligation as humans to take care of horses.  They are domesticated and rely solely on us for everything.  Please make sure you are ready to own a horse before taking the leap- have horse property or a boarding facility, correct feed and supplements, a veterinarian, trainer if needed, and knowledge of basic horse care.  

Horses can change behavior- they are animals!  Please do not expect a horse to remain “trained” the way he was when you purchased him if you don't make the commitment to ride and work him.  We ride and work the horses 5-6 days/week, keeping them tuned and stimulated.  When you buy a horse from us, they have been professionally trained to have manners and work how we ask them to.  Part of owning a horse, includes working him, riding him, continuing ground manners, and maintaining your position as alpha.  If you do not do these things, your horse might pick up bad habits.  If your schedule doesn't require you to work your horse at least 2-3 days a week, you should consider finding a trainer to exercise him for you.  If needed, please refer to the TRAINING & TUNE-UPS page on this website for more information about what we offer in tune ups and exercising packages.

If you are interested in our services for Training, Tune-Ups, and/or Lessons, please read through the TRAINING & TUNE-UP'S Page and be sure to call or email us about your needs and goals with your horse.  We take our training very seriously and would love to talk with you about our techniques and how your horse will benefit.  We have several packages to fit your personal and financial needs.  Don't hesitate in contacting us on the CONTACT US Page. 

Remember, if you do not make the time to learn good horsemanship, you can undo training literally in a matter of minutes.  Please do not expect a horse to work as well with you as he does with us if you are not experienced.  We have been riding and training horses for years.  It takes time in the saddle and a lot of “wet saddle blankets” to get to that level.  Horses are creatures of habit and are always learning- just like we should do.  Challenge yourself to be a better rider, set goals for yourself and your horse, and be realistic.  Working and advancing with your horse is an amazing feeling, but it does take time and consistency.  It also takes time to bond with your new horse.  Be patient and spend the quality time with him needed to reach that level.  If you have questions about your horse, please contact us.  We stay very busy, but do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.  

Owning a horse is an amazing thing.  They are magnificent animals that are healing, divine, and offer a relationship like no other.  We are excited to work with you and would love to help you find your new match.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to come out to the barn- "Where It's Good to be Horsey"

Buck Brannaman- Horse Training